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Off stage, the Alinde Quartet leads a rich second life as ambassadors of the vast and wild world of classical music. The beating heart of the quartet is their home at Ida Bieler Music Academy, conceived of by first violinist Eugenia Ottaviano and her partner Victor Haustein. In a charming little nook in the south of Cologne, the four members rehearse, teach, and radiate their love of music into their community with experimental and family concerts. 


We are excited to introduce two of our most beloved programs. We gladly tailor our programs based on the age and interests of the audience, from an introduction to dance elements in music to political and historical context. Multi-day enrichment workshops are also available. Come collaborate with us on a workshop for your school, seminar, or art space.

1+1+1+1  - Let’s Build a String Quartet


A violinist sits alone on the stage. She plays a lovely melody, but it’s a little lonely. Luckily soon, a friend comes along with an instrument under their arm.


We’ll discover together the instruments of a string quartet: violin, viola, and cello, each with their own charisma, but never better than together. We’ll travel to the birthplace of the quartet, at home with Papa Haydn in Esterhàzy Palace, and on to Vienna, in the drawing room of music history’s most famous enfant terrible, Mozart. These two giants were not only colleagues, but also friends and quartet mates. Yet even two such giants cannot manage to play their own works without help from a couple of friends . . .



What is the sound of Europe? How does Italy sound different from Poland and France? And what does music have to do with food and funny clothes?


We will meet crazy characters, revolutionaries, wunderkinds, royal families, famous personages in tattered rags and glittering attire. Geniuses emerge, decline, quarrel, and reconcile on the rocky carriage ride of European history. And above all, they love.

Alinde Quartett

Alinde Quartett

Alinde Quartett